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Domain Name and Web Hosting: How are they related?

Numerous people don’t have the foggiest idea about that these domain name and web hosting are two different things.

Domain name is the location of your site that individuals type in the program’s URL bar to visit your site. If your site was a house, at that point your domain name will be its location. While on the other hand, Web hosting is where every one of the documents of your site live. It resembles the home of your site where it really lives. That’s why you should choose the best hosting in Malaysia.

How do they Related?

They are two unique services In any case, they cooperate to make sites conceivable.

Essentially a domain name resembles a location book that is continually refreshed. Behind every area name, there is a location of the web hosting services putting away the site’s records.

Without domain names, individuals won’t be able to discover your site and without web hosting you can’t fabricate a site.


Top 5 Best New Strollers for Working Moms

1.Chicco Bravo Primo Quick-Fold Stroller

Are you looking for a new baby stroller in Malaysia for your little one? Well, if you are already using the Chicco car seat, this is the best choice for you. This durable, quick-folding stroller is compatible with that car seat, and can help you from newborn stage, toddler period and beyond. It also comes with a quality parent tray, with a zippered storage and two cup holders.

2.BOB Revolution FLEX 3.0

Do you love going out at night with your child? This BOB Revolution Flex stroller can help you and your kid safe and seen during evenings. It has reflective fabric, making sure that the baby stroller is very much visible, even after the sun goes down. Moreover, its adjustable handle has 9 different positions, helping you find the correct height while hiking, walking and jogging.


If you want a stroller with a thoughtful design at an affordable price, Mockingbird is the way to go. You can consider this a luxury ride at a cheap rice, special thank you to a direct-to-consumer business model which cuts out the job of the middle man. This stroller features several convenient details, such as a one-hand fold, hidden pockets and a storage basket.

4.Cybex e-Priam

The Cybex e-Priam is for mothers who need help in pushing her baby around. If you are surrounded by difficult terrain, this stroller can provide you the convenience you need. This stroller as a battery-powered version that propels over bumps and up hills, once it senses you pushing the handlebar.

5.Summer Infant 3Dlite+

The Summer Infant stroller is perfect for parents on a budget. It is durable and light, take up very little space in your trunk compared to the traditional baby stroller. Moreover, it allows parents to make adjustments on the recline with a single hand. If you want a cup holder for your kid, it also comes with that, as well as a mobile phone holder.

Affiliate Marketing

Learn from These Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

1.Some affiliate marketers are lazy.

Are you looking for the best affiliate marketing opportunities in Malaysia? You better work hard and be patient. Affiliate marketing involves a long-term strategy that requires tons of hard work and determination. It takes time to establish a good reputation, and quality content. These things really take time.

2.Some affiliate marketers don’t know the best products to promote.

Some marketers suck they are greedy, and fail to thoroughly research on their promotion strategy. For them, as long as they can earn commissions, they will sell it. If you still don’t know what products to promote, and what niche to focus on, you can turn to ClickBank.

3.Some affiliate marketers create fake reviews.

The big amount of fake affiliate reviews online is overwhelming. How can you entice people to trust you if your reviews are not genuine? Generate an amazing online credibility, and gain the trust of your readers by writing quality, genuine product reviews.

4.Some affiliate marketers don’t care about delivering great value.

Unfortunately, several affiliate marketers don’t care about offering great value to readers and customers. Keep in mind that the ones who truly succeed are focused on delivering excellent solutions to people. Don’t just create digital sales brochures. Affiliate marketing is more than just commissions–it’s also about trust and providing value.

5.Some affiliate marketers create a lot of spam.

We all hate spam. It’s really annoying to get several spam messages, and dedicate time to filter out all the spammy comments. This strategy wouldn’t work. Turns out, many affiliate marketers pay spammers to spam target customers. But, at the end of the day, they don’t really make money out of it.


​How to Choose a Reputable Website Hosting Provider

1.Figure out how much support you need.

Basic customer services provide email access, as well as phone and ticket support. Several top hosts in Malaysia also provide 24/7 phone support. If you are currently under a non-managed service, the limiting factor is that you won’t be communicating with your systems manager for basic configuration. Thus, if you need to delegate website management completely consider managed services.

2.Estimate the amount of traffic your website may get.

Many website hosting providers charge depending on bandwidth and storage usage. Bandwidth is the measurement of how much bytes you serve on a given period. If you are planning to create only a few web pages for some local customers, then obviously, you wouldn’t need that much bandwidth.

3.Look into the different web hosting server types.

The most affordable web hosting is on shared servers. This means that in a single box, hundreds of websites ay run. Under this, your website performance would depend on the load all the other websites are giving the host. Check if this is for you, or if you want to consider VPS or dedicated servers.

4.Make sure that you own your domain name.

See to it that you yourself own your domain. By doing so, you can change hosting providers, and still own all of your earned SEO benefits.

5.Be wary of those “unlimited offers.”

Many website hosting providers are providing unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage for only a few dollars. Well, this is not what is seems to be. The truth is, at some point, you website’s performance would either shut down, or throttle, once you get on a specific sage level.

Web Hosting

Importance of Online Reviews for Small Businesses

Maintaining an effective business is about something beyond just attracting a lot of consideration and attention. You’ll need to fabricate trust with your crowd. There are various approaches to do that, yet few are as powerful as online reviews.

Hosting reviews in Malaysia, displaying reviews on your business website helps to manufacture believability, since guests are bound to confide in the feeling of different clients. In addition, making a move and making changes dependent on your clients’ criticism will demonstrate exactly the amount you value their information.

Importance of Online Customer Reviews

To display user reviews, it is a perfect answer for the issues talked about above. Your clients get the opportunity to get notification from individuals they’re bound to trust, and your transformation rates ought to receive a lift consequently.

Real feedback on your site can construct brand unwaveringly. That is on the grounds that it will make clients feel as if they’re really esteemed by your company. A trusting relationship is particularly significant for entrepreneurs, since it’s one of your essential approaches to hang out in a jam-packed market.

You’ll require something unique to catch the eye of your intended interest group, and real brands pull in progressively high-esteem clients. Online consumers often recognize authenticity as one of the top characteristics that draws them in to a brand. Cleaned brand articulations about an item you’re selling won’t generally have a similar impact as legitimate, real reviews.


Trust assumes an enormous job in the progressing achievement of your business. Without it, individuals essentially won’t change over. Luckily, by showing item audits on your private company site, you can start to set up an increasingly faithful association with your group of spectators.

Client input will offer more understanding into how well your items or administrations are doing. Reviews are an important wellspring of input, and giving close consideration to them can feature potential zones for development.


eCommerce Tips That Will Give Your Business a Bright Future

1.Cultivate constant learning and agility

Online retailers must be able to keep up with the industry’s changing trends. To do this, you should adopt new technologies, and embrace promising partnership opportunities. Consider learning as an exercise in analyzing important data, and making all the necessary changes in ecommerce strategy.

2.Rethink segmentation

Traditional methods on customer segmentation would no longer be appropriate by year 2026. Focus on this to generate more sales in the near future. Keep in mind that customer increasingly move between many segments, and this kind of fluidity means that all the boundaries between the segments would blur. Consumers are now drawn to more relevance that more customized services can afford.

3.Be mindful of all the limits to personalization

Soon, it will be clear that though personalization is highly beneficial, it also has its limits. There are many cost implications in the supply and production of personalized services and products. For several items, this won’t be viable, and will instead equate to mass customization. You should also take note that not all customers want personalized offers due to data privacy and agency concerns.

4.Understanding customer journey is critical to channel investment

Are you looking for quality ecommerce development services in Malaysia? You better work with seasoned professionals who can help you understand the overall customer shopping journey. You should know that as different channels become completely integrated, understanding individual channel profitable turns problematic.

5.Establish a good brand experience

Online business owners must continue to strive hard in order to stand out from the rest of the competition. Because of this, establishing a good brand experience will become more crucial than ever. This goes deeper compared to advertising alone.


5 Best Office Interior Design Techniques for More Productivity

1.Incorporate interesting colors.

Every interior design and architecture company would highlight the importance of colors in office designs. It has proven to have remarkable psychological effects. Do you want to influence focus and energy to your employees? Then, pick a bold color like red for more inspiration. Whatever color you choose, make sure to build an environment that keeps every staff member’s morale high.

2.Make your office a representative of your company culture.

Your office design should represent your company culture well. Take the Facebook Headquarters in California as an inspiration. Their office looks very different compared to the usual cubicles we are all used to. The atmosphere caters to millennials in a corporate culture.

3.Focus on good lighting.

When it comes to office interior designs, functionality is important. Also, there is no such thing as “too much light.” Improving the amount of light in your office environment will enhance office morale and productivity.

4.Make the most out of multifunctional spaces.

Modern interior design when it comes to offices pay more attention to the uses of multifunctional spaces. Multifunctional areas are even more beneficial for small businesses that are always on a budget. Leverage on multifunctional conference rooms. These kinds of spaces would give you the chance to capitalize on limited office resources.

5.Build office lounges.

One of the newest trends in office interior designs is the emerging use of office lounge spaces. The main idea is that, if you feel so very much at home at your work space, then you would love to stay there more. This would lead to more efficiency and productivity.

Mobile App

6 Useful Benefits of a Mobile App for Small Businesses


What better approach to hold your clients than to have a mobile app design company design a mobile application for your steadfastness prizes program? Clients who download the application can gain admittance to elite arrangements, brisk riser specials, and that’s just the beginning. Sending customized offers makes your clients feel esteemed and acknowledged.

To keep them connected considerably further, you can lead reviews with them to discover what sort of remunerations do they like, so you can further tailor your next major ordeal exactly as they would prefer.


On the off chance that your business includes giving in-person administrations, for example, an individual preparing or back rub, consider an application that enables your customers to make arrangements or sign up for your next class through their mobile telephones or tablet. It makes your administration increasingly advantageous for them, and it’s fewer messages and telephone calls for you to field.

You would then be able to utilize content informing or SMS to affirm the arrangements and to send subsequent meet-ups or updates.


Have you known about Square? Truly, that little white block utilized for mobile installments.

Mobile installment arrangements like Square enables independent ventures to swipe charge cards and handle different business exchanges through a telephone or tablet. This enables the business to get installments in a hurry, rapidly and productively, without the issues of conventional POS frameworks.

There’s additionally no requirement for a cumbersome register or some intricate installment framework, and this can spare a great deal of time and assets. A mobile installment framework likewise makes it feasible for mobile information to be interfaced with different applications by means of the cloud.

This would imply that exchange records can be moved straightforwardly into different pieces of the business kept running by different applications like bookkeeping and promoting applications. This makes it workable for the whole business to be increasingly productive by computerizing its center procedures.

4. Correspondence AND CONNECTIVITY

When you are maintaining an independent venture, correspondence is crucial. You need a smooth mobile correspondence platform that can lessen your reliance on messages and improve coordinated effort in a hurry.

Such a platform will enable your group to speak with one another, work together and offer reports and other significant data in a single normal spot, notwithstanding when everybody is moving. One generally excellent precedent is Slack, whose financially savvy mobile application enables you to remain associated with your partners any place you are.


Need to react to your clients inside a specific time period? Consider mobile applications like desk.com. This application permits your client administration group to react to your clients from anyplace. With this innovation, you will likewise have the option to screen customer bolster tickets and crises day in and day out.


A mobile CRM can extraordinarily improve your client relationship management by giving your independent company a wide scope of capacities readily available. With a mobile CRM, you can monitor your errands, contacts, undertakings, calendars, and messages… all in a moment!

For instance, rather than keeping a heap of business cards on the table, you can now naturally sweep and include the contact straightforwardly into your mobile CRM and include significant data about your new planned client. This sort of mechanization can spare you a great deal of time by totally getting rid of manual passages, so you can have more opportunity to fabricate your client connections.

Affiliate Marketing

3 Affiliate Marketing Myths You Must Stop Believing

1. Passive Income = Affiliate Income

In a certain way, the money you generate through affiliate marketing can be regarded as passive. You don’t need to work actively and physically in order to earn. With affiliate marketing, you can generate money even when you’re asleep. However, you won’t get on that level unless you work extra hard. Look for promising affiliate opportunities that help you gain more affiliate income. If you’re serious about understanding what is affiliate marketing, you have to drill this in you first.

2. Create a website in order to earn affiliate income

In order to generate money through affiliate marketing, you need to create not just a website but also social media platforms. You need to leverage on the power of social media marketing to reach more people. Keep in mind that your level of success would depend on the effort and time you put in improving your brand.

3. No need for capital

It’s true that affiliate marketing is an affordable way to begin an online business. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to begin with zero. Depending on what kind of platform you pick for your strategy, you would need some money for ads and content production. This is most especially true if you are just starting out.


5 Myths About Lasting Longer in Bed that You Should Stop Believing

Men want to know some tips on how to last longer in bed. That is because around 30% of the male population worldwide may experience some sexual dysfunctions and may be the cause of their partner’s unhappiness in the relationship.

Look, sex is meant to be an activity that both partners can enjoy and how long it lasts really does not matter- so long as both have mutual respect and love for one another.

That being said, there are still plenty of myths surrounding how to last longer in bed that you should stop believing in. Fortunately for you, I am going to talk about some of them (which you should stop believing in, fast!).

1.Eating Seafood Can Help

You might have been told that eating oysters and other aphrodisiacs from the sea can help boost your sexual performance. To a degree, yes, but it doesn’t mean that if you eat it just before having sex, that you will be given an energy boost and make you last longer.

I advocate that you focus more on having a healthy diet, plus adding those supposed foods that will give you a sexual boost. Then and only then will you be able to reap the benefits of a complete and balanced meal.

2.Working Out Just Before Love-Making

There is no doubt that working out or exercising can have a positive impact on your overall health. But, doing pushups and mountain climbers just before love-making will not only make you tired, but it will also make you sweaty as well.

Do your exercises in the morning so that it can still have a positive effect on your mind later on during the day.

3.Using Desensitizing Agents Can Help with Premature Ejaculation

If you are a man that suffers from premature ejaculation, you are not alone. In fact, 1 in 3 men are affected by the condition and although there are a lot of people that tell different times, it is agreed upon by experts that men who are able to finish off in under two minutes have PE.
That being said, you might have been some advice about using desensitizing creams and gels to help “desensitize” your penis during sex.

Although the active ingredients in such topical solutions may provide some of that numbing feel, that can actually have an adverse effect on your partner. It has been known that, in most cases, that women will feel the effects and not the man.

So, if you think that your partner is not having a good time when having sex with you and you did use these topical agents, then you know what the culprit is.

4.Masturbating Before Sex

This is an advice that takes advantage of the refractory period– or that small window of opportunity where you feel a decrease in sensation down there. But, that is not really something that you want to do, given that you will enjoy the sex less.

5.Taking Over-the-Counter Medications

The only medicines you want to take are the ones that are prescribed by your doctor.

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