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Are ‘Status Watches’ Still a Thing?

In an age where smartphones have become quite an indispensable thing in our lives, do men still wear traditional watches? Well, the answer is a huge YES. Despite the fact that there are modern devices that can also tell the time, wearing a watch is not just helping a person tell the time, but it can also be a status symbol as well.
Back in the day, men who wore expensive watches such as a Patek Philippe or a Rolex watch are always deemed to be someone who’s had massive successes in his life. A Patek Philippe 5970G, for example, costs $81,000 brand new. Although some would immediately dismiss it as a needlessly expensive watch, for watch enthusiasts, it is a status symbol.

Rolex creates automatic watches and they do not develop quartz watches simply because the former’s movement is much more sophisticated from a watchmaking standpoint. It should come as no surprise, then, that all of the company’s watches are expensive.
Now, what is the reason why some watchmaking companies sell exorbitantly high-priced watches? Is it mainly from a business standpoint is there more to it? Well, it is actually more of a status symbol or a ‘status watch’ as watch collectors would put it.

What is a Status Watch?

A status watch is basically a watch that is so expensive that it can signal to other people that you are well off in life. The previously-mentioned Patek Philippe 5970 costs quite a lot of money that you can buy truckloads of cheaper watches just to get one single watch from a reputable watchmaking company.
The watch that you wear not only tells the time but it actually signals to other people your personality and your social status.
For instance, if you are wearing a sports watch, it would tell other people that you are probably inclined to be more active than others.
If you wear a luxury watch like the Omega Seamaster, for instance, people will assume that you have the money to show for it.
Again, a status watch is basically a reflection of your status in life.

Is it Still a Thing?

To tell you honestly, it certainly still is. When you wear a really expensive watch, it will most certainly catch the attention of other people. Take, for instance, Mr. Quinn.
A worker who started a domain registrar business back in the day, his company made a resurgence and has been earning a million dollars every month.
To help people know that he’s achieved some massive success, he bought himself an Audemars Piguet watch. Sure enough, people start to notice his chosen timepiece and are definitely a conversation piece.
In conclusion, despite the many advancements in watch technology and the advent of smartwatches, status watches like the great watches of old still hold so much status in this day and age. Are you thinking of buying your own?

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