5 Myths About Lasting Longer in Bed that You Should Stop Believing

Men want to know some tips on how to last longer in bed. That is because around 30% of the male population worldwide may experience some sexual dysfunctions and may be the cause of their partner’s unhappiness in the relationship.

Look, sex is meant to be an activity that both partners can enjoy and how long it lasts really does not matter- so long as both have mutual respect and love for one another.

That being said, there are still plenty of myths surrounding how to last longer in bed that you should stop believing in. Fortunately for you, I am going to talk about some of them (which you should stop believing in, fast!).

1.Eating Seafood Can Help

You might have been told that eating oysters and other aphrodisiacs from the sea can help boost your sexual performance. To a degree, yes, but it doesn’t mean that if you eat it just before having sex, that you will be given an energy boost and make you last longer.

I advocate that you focus more on having a healthy diet, plus adding those supposed foods that will give you a sexual boost. Then and only then will you be able to reap the benefits of a complete and balanced meal.

2.Working Out Just Before Love-Making

There is no doubt that working out or exercising can have a positive impact on your overall health. But, doing pushups and mountain climbers just before love-making will not only make you tired, but it will also make you sweaty as well.

Do your exercises in the morning so that it can still have a positive effect on your mind later on during the day.

3.Using Desensitizing Agents Can Help with Premature Ejaculation

If you are a man that suffers from premature ejaculation, you are not alone. In fact, 1 in 3 men are affected by the condition and although there are a lot of people that tell different times, it is agreed upon by experts that men who are able to finish off in under two minutes have PE.
That being said, you might have been some advice about using desensitizing creams and gels to help “desensitize” your penis during sex.

Although the active ingredients in such topical solutions may provide some of that numbing feel, that can actually have an adverse effect on your partner. It has been known that, in most cases, that women will feel the effects and not the man.

So, if you think that your partner is not having a good time when having sex with you and you did use these topical agents, then you know what the culprit is.

4.Masturbating Before Sex

This is an advice that takes advantage of the refractory period– or that small window of opportunity where you feel a decrease in sensation down there. But, that is not really something that you want to do, given that you will enjoy the sex less.

5.Taking Over-the-Counter Medications

The only medicines you want to take are the ones that are prescribed by your doctor.

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