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5 Simple Ways to Help Him Last Longer in Bed

Men are quite conscious when it comes to sex, but mainly in the sense that some of them may finish way too quickly.

As much as you love them, finishing in under 2 minutes may not be ideal for most women. Sure, it could be okay if they add some extra minutes for foreplay, but there is no better feeling than actual penetrative sex that lasts for more than a couple of minutes.

Now, the thing is that sexual dysfunctions are quite common in men and they may experience some of them in their life. It is important that you understand this so that you do not blame your partner for this.

Because it is quite common for them to experience such, the good thing is that there are a lot of ways you can help him to last longer. It may involve the use of male enhancement pills and condoms, as well as a combination of physiological and behavior therapies, but where I am going at is that it is treatable.

Here are some simple ways to help him last longer in the sheets:

Do a Couple of Rounds

Sure, you might feel that less than two minutes of penetrative sex is not enough, but why don’t you do more than one round of sex?
That is right, the more you have sex with your partner, the better he is going to be in controlling his urges.

Overstimulation of the penis is one of the leading causes of premature ejaculation, so if he is able to psychologically help himself control his urges, then that is one indirect way for you to help him.

Take Things Slow

No, I do not mean your relationship. What I mean is that you should tell him to go easy on you in the sense that he does slower and more deliberate thrusts.

Being overexcited could potentially lead him to ejaculate far quicker than you’d want and helping (or convincing) him to slow down can do wonders for the both of you.

Encourage Him to Do Some Kegels

A lot of men do not try Kegel exercises simply because they think that these exercises are only designed for women. But, that is just their ignorant selves talking them out of it.

You see, the reason why Kegels exist is to help people strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, specifically their pubococcygeus muscles.
The good thing about doing Kegels is aside from them being quite easy to do, you can actually do them without people knowing about it. Do encourage him to do it with you.

If he is not convinced, just refer him to a study done by Stockholm researchers where their male participants were able to prevent premature ejaculation just by doing Kegels for at least 12 weeks.

Switch It Up

There are some positions that may overstimulate his penis. Tell him to experiment with different sex positions and find ones that not only help him control his ejaculatory urges but also find ones that both of you will love as well.

Have Him Wear a Condom

Ask any guy why they do not like wearing a condom and they will tell you that wearing one desensitizes their penis to some degree. Well, that is precisely the reason why you’d want your partner to wear one. Opt for thicker condoms to achieve the maximum effect.

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